Science worker makes research to produce and build knowledge. Knowledge is the innovative invention that solves biological problems.

Citrusgenetics is a cooperative plant biotech lab
on research and development

Knowledge production

Experimental inventions

Social entrepreneurship

Open-source Science lab for eco-communal education & biotech research

Molecular pharming, bioener~geNEtics & life evolution, organic plant breeding, biosystems engineering

Building innovation on nature and human ethics.

Design and  manufacturing: tools & machineries

Collective thinking on personalised agronomics for participatory gardening and crop agriculture

Hardening Facility for organic improvement of banker plants


Nano- and macro- advanced studies for farming processing applications

Cyclic farming economy in orchards and greenhouse constructions

Open-access land working cooperative & Fair-trade

ő§he cooperative biotech lab is open to:

  • young farmers, producers and agro-collectives
  • garden amateurs and home-based processing bio-food as well as agricultural engineering
  • industrial scale units for energy production
  • research institutes & educational organizations
  • health professionals

Our enterprise is addressed to research and development that concerns:

  • knowledge production and dissemination, in respect to mechanisms underlying origin and evolution of life
  • design and manufacturing prototypes related to biomimetic models
  • nanomaterials for energy production & storage
  • specialised applications to ecological problems towards innovative practices
  • organic trees’ production via epigenetic breeding
  • inventing medicinal and plant protection products, through molecular pharming
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