Industrial partners

Atelier ΑνάΔελτα
EPS Global Medical Development Inc , Montreal
Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA)
Patras General Hospital “Agios Andreas”

-Kotakis bio-orchard [administrator/supervisor/director of the orchard is -Ms. Ioanna Ath. Kotakis-Diamantopoulou (organic farmer/grower/producer)]
-Sir Kiriakos Kotakis (CEO of the company, agronomist, founder/manager of Kotakis farm, agricultural consultancy, nursery advisor, insurance broker, financial accountant, land worker)
-Ms Demetra K. Kotakis (architectural engineering, designer/manufacturer, executive assistant)
-Dr. Stylianos Makrogkikas (scientific advisor on genome engineering Cas9/Recombineering)

Τhe enterprise runs under DIW certification as well as under inspection by Bank of Greece towards the road to Athens Stock Exchange