Industrial partners

Atelier ΑνάΔελτα
EPS Global Medical Development Inc , Montreal
-Kotakis bio-orchard (administrator/supervisor/director is the organic farmer/grower/producer Ms. Ioanna Ath. Kotakis-Diamantopoulou)
-Sir Kiriakos Kotakis (CEO of the company, agronomist, founder/manager of Kotakis farm, agricultural consultancy, nursery advisor, insurance broker, financial accountant, land worker)
-Ms Demetra K. Kotakis (architectural engineering, designer/manufacturer, executive assistant)
Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA)
Patras General Hospital “Agios Andreas”
Τhe enterprise runs under DIW certification as well as under inspection by Bank of Greece towards the road to Athens Stock Exchange